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Your Child’s Development – Birth To 4 Months

From the day your baby is born their brain is growing and developing. They learn by connecting with people so it’s important for parents and carers to provide them with as many learning opportunities as possible to encourage their development.

The following information has been sourced from the Early Years Learning Framework Developmental Milestones booklet, developed by Community Child Care Co-operative Ltd NSW (CCCC) for the Department of Education.

Reading With Preschoolers

Mem Fox, an Australian writer of children’s books and an educationalist specialising in literacy, advocates reading with children for 10 minutes a day, which roughly equals three books a day. If you read 3 books a day to your child from birth, they would have heard around 5000 stories by the time they are five! Even if you only read half or a third that many, that is still a wonderful amount of sharing, bonding and learning that is taking place.