With Toybox Early Learning, Let Your Little Ones Laugh, Grow, Play and Learn

We are Toybox Early Learning, and offer highly-rated childcare and preschool programs in North Sydney and Mascot. Through the efforts of our educators and caregivers, we have created a space where your children are safe, happy, healthy, and where their curiosity is encouraged to learn new things. We are dedicated to the overall growth and wellbeing of your children, and we ensure their access to high-quality education and a nurturing and fun-oriented environment.

Under the care and guidance of our passionate, kind and experienced educators, your children will take their first step into learning. With us, your children will explore, grow, learn and accumulate the basic skills they need to start their lifelong learning journey.

Our early learning centres in Mascot and North Sydney will:

  • Provide nutritional food and develop healthy eating habits.
  • Secure a fun and growth-oriented environment.
  • Excite your child’s curiosity.
  • Ensure your child’s access to quality education.
  • Help build your child’s communication skills.
  • Provide space for your child to cultivate new interests.

At Toybox Early Learning, we tap into each aspect of your child’s life and ensure that they have access to the best of everything.

Shaping Young Minds with Our Innovative Early Learning Approach

At Toybox Early Learning, we follow the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and amalgamate it with the Toybox Curriculum to secure a quality learning environment for your child. We make learning fun.

Through the play-based learning techniques we adopt, we instill a desire to learn and the curiosity to know more about the world around them. We provide a positive environment within our early learning centres..

The curriculum that we follow at Toybox Early Learning includes:

  • Pre-literacy and pre-numeracy development.
  • Developing early reasoning and critical thinking skills.
  • Environmental education to develop an appreciation for nature.
  • Encouraging healthy physical activity habits.
  • Developing vocabulary and basic educational concepts through reading.
  • School transition program to prepare children for their formal schooling years.
  • Learning a second language as per the Early Learning Languages Australia program (ELLA).

With our early learning program, your children will have access to our well-researched curriculum which will pave the way for their overall growth.

Become A Part of the Toybox Early Learning Family Today!

Our early learning centres are registered for government funding to assist families in meeting the cost of care. This reduces the daily fee that you must pay and makes childcare more affordable.

Get in touch with us today and secure for your child an open-ended natural environment where they will explore and grow every day.

Both our centres are located just a short walk from the North Sydney and Mascot station. To know more about our early learning centres, you can request a tour or make an enquiry to get a glimpse into what awaits your children at Toybox Early Learning.

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