Open from 7.00 am – 6.00 pm, Monday through Friday, our childcare centre in Mascot cares for and educates children aged from between 6 weeks to 6 years.

Existing families can access the Mascot Family lounge using their email and password, click here.

To know more about our early learning centre in Mascot, you can request a tour or make an enquiry.

To get a glimpse into what awaits your children at Toybox Early Learning. You can contact us at 02 9929 4139.

About Us

Learning Through Play: An Innovative Approach to Early Learning

As educators offering early learning in Mascot, we follow the Early Years Learning Framework and have created a curriculum that promotes learning, creativity and communication. As caregivers, we create an environment where your little ones can imbibe healthy eating habits, develop a curious and creative mind, enhance their vocabulary and take their first step into the exciting world of knowledge.

At our childcare in Mascot, we provide children with ample space for recreation and develop their minds through the activities they engage in each day. From,

  • Fun activities that enliven their day
  • Thought-provoking programs which develop their thinking skills
  • Physical activities that enhance their overall health and wellbeing

all are a regular part of their day at our Mascot childcare Centre.

Why Choose Us for Childcare in Mascot?

  • We embed healthy eating habits in children while following the NSW Government’s Munch and Move program.
  • We follow the Early Years Learning Framework to allow for the holistic growth of your children. With us, they will cultivate their interests and develop critical thinking skills and begin their learning journey in the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at a young age.
  • As long-standing and trusted providers of childcare in Mascot, we understand that children thrive the best in a natural setting. Knowing this, we have crafted an open environment with proximity to nature.
  • We are registered for government subsidies to reduce the financial impact of your child’s care.
  • Our outdoor playgrounds and classrooms are equipped with great resources, including computers and iPad, to provide your children with a safe, fun and interesting environment.
  • All preschoolers in our care participate in our school transition program to ensure they are fully equipped to commence this next step.
  • We organise regular visits from specialist educators at our Preschool centre Moscot and a varied and interesting annual calendar of events.

To know more about the facilities provided by us, you can reach out to us at 02 8338 0610.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we charge a fixed fee based on your child’s age for Childcare In Mascot, our childcare centre is registered for government funding. As per the Australian government’s childcare Subsidy (CCS) System, funds are allocated to families meeting specific income requirements to relieve them from much of the financial burden of childcare.

Our childcare centre in Mascot is open from 7.00 am – 6.00 pm, Monday through Friday.

At Toybox Early Learning, to ensure the safety of your children, pick-up and drop-off is only permitted by those you have approved. Our Mascot childcare Centre is located just a short walk from Mascot station, providing an easy commute for families. We also offer short term drop-off and pick-up car parking for families at the Centre for your convenience.

At Toybox Early Learning, your children will be a part of a carefully structured preschool curriculum that adheres to the National Quality Standard (NQS) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our curriculum is the right balance of child-initiated interests, inquiry-based learning and collaborative partnerships with families and the community. In the year before going to school, your child will participate in our school transition program to prepare them for their “big school”.

  • We ensure a constant line of communication between the parents and our staff via the online early learning portal which we offer. This includes the daily program and photos of the activities for the day. Only enrolled families have access to this portal, for privacy reasons.
  • We send regular email updates so that the parents are always well-informed about the events and activities at our childcare centre in Mascot.
  • To ensure the formation of a close-knit community, we invite parents to our annual celebrations, including the events we organise for Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Halloween, etc.

At Toybox Early Learning, casual care bookings are open for all children enrolled with us. If you need a casual extra day, just contact our Centre Director for approval. Approval is subject to adequate staff being available to meet regulated ratios.

Our Mascot childcare Centre is rated “Meeting” under the National Quality Framework. The national quality framework is a set of laws and regulations designed to ensure centres meet all regulatory requirements to ensure safety and quality of care and education. The NSW Department of Education assesses childcare centres under this framework on an ongoing basis.

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Toybox Early Learning Mascot

Child Care Centre Mascot

Address : Suites 1-3, 15 Bourke Rd, Mascot NSW 2020

Phone : 02 8338 0610

Opening Hours :

Monday to Friday : 7.00am – 6.00pm