“Our little one has been in day care since he was 9 months old (he’s now 2 years old). He enrolled at Toy Box when he was 1 year and 5 months after we decided to change him from a previous centre where our expectations were not met. After few weeks of being at Toy Box, we felt how much care and attention was given to our child and it was reflected on his behaviour and his development. There are so many things we love at Toy Box and most of them are possible thanks to its staff. All educators are experienced and knowledgeable. They encourage parents to actively share experiences from our children at home to provide activities that boost the development of the kids. We have experienced excellent results with our child on this regard because he is now able to communicate in both English and Spanish with a good range of vocabulary, he is able to wear his shoes, and he’s eager to start toilet training. We truly believe Toy Box has played a crucial role on this achievement.

We had to move houses and decided not to change child care because our son is very happy at Toy Box. I’m impressed about the fact all staff knows him and know his name even though they are not in his room every day. I can see it happens with all children at the centre which shows strong engagement with the children.

We are very happy with the quality of care provided at the centre, its staff, and the early educational program offered. Our friends usually asked us what is so especial about Toy Box because we rather drive daily 2 hours that changing to a centre near home.”