“I have sent all 3 of my children to Toybox from when they were babies and i recommend the service to anyone who is looking for a centre. I have moved several times since having my children enrolled and i have chosen to keep the children at this centre despite where i lived because i value their service and the level of care they show.

My eldest who is now in Kindy comes to the centre and is greeted warmly with genuine happiness by staff who have known her since she was 6 months old. I wholeheartedly trust the staff who i have known for many years now and i am always surprised by the amazing things my kids share with me after a day at Toybox. Everything from a new song they learned to sing in Spanish, or telling me about the solar system through to eating great nutritious food (when i couldn’t get them to eat a vegetable at home!).

The teachers will work with you on your childs development and any concerns or ideas you have. You can rest assure they will be ready for school when the time comes and the graduating ceremony they do is just the sweetest thing. Your kids will love Toybox.”