“My son has been attending Toybox since March 2017. I must admit Toybox wasn’t my first choice as my employer operates their own childcare which was completely full at the time I was looking for care. How sorry I am that Toybox wasn’t my FIRST choice and will only be my choice for any subsequent children we have. The daycare is small but makes up for it in the huge amounts of love, care and attention the staff show not only my son but all the children in their care. I can’t fault the Centre. It’s very difficult leaving your child with people you don’t know however several months on all the educators know my son even the ones that don’t have him in their room. My son eats better at daycare than he does at home and he’s learnt wonderful little skills which he now uses at home (such as helping Mum wipe down surfaces to clean and also helping Mum and Dad pack away toys). Very happy with the team and program Toybox offers.”