Congratulations to Toybox Early Learning Mascot

for winning our May ‘Walk Safely to School Day’ Calendar Competition!

18 May 2018 – Walk Safely to School Day

With Walk Safely to School Day approaching we were looking for a way to involve our families and the local community. We decided to meet at the local train station and walk together as a group to Toybox. The walk from the station involves 2 zebra crossings and 3 sets of pedestrian traffic lights.

The families were very excited about the walk. We often hear that the children are not walking safely; not wanting to hold hands or parents put children into a pram because they don’t trust them near a road. Working together to embed the road safety messages is vital information that not only keeps children safe now, but long into the future.

Along the way we had discussions about ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think’ and before we crossed at the zebra crossings. We introduced and sang a song about holding a grown up’s hand. This made some of the children laugh! The parents were very interested in ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think’ as when they were growing up it was just ‘Stop, Look and Listen’. They liked that they got to refresh their knowledge also.

We knew that not all families could make the early morning walk so later in the day we took small groups of children for a walk around the block. This walk involved 2 zebra crossings and 2 sets of traffic lights. The walk was too big for the babies and small toddlers so they were involved in activities within their classrooms.

We displayed the pictures we took of the day on the large screen in the foyer for all to see. Everyone was very excited to be involved in the day. All children received a sticker and a certificate for participating.