Outdoor play is critical for young children. Many of the development tasks that children must achieve, being exploring, risk-taking, fine and gross motor development and the absorption of vast amounts of basic knowledge, can be most effectively learned through outdoor play.

We provide opportunities for children to engage in “messy play”. This type of play is important as it helps children to explore different physical textures and use their imaginations to create structures and environments, learn about measurement, and learn about co-operative play, through working with other children and talking about planning their play together.

A range of outdoor toys, vehicles and equipment are available. These help to develop children’s physical development and also learn about safety.

The play spaces are fully fenced and surrounded by gardens that provide a natural screen, as well as allowing children to see and learn about plant growth and seasons.

Children do not play outdoors in the height of the day, and always wear hats and sunscreen, both of which are provided by the centre, when playing outdoors.

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